Photography Exhibition with Map Your Meal

Map your Meal Vanilla



Mar 2016

10:00 - 16:00 Sat & Sun

With a stunning selections of colourful photos depicting farmers at work, the Map Your Meal photo exhibition takes us on a journey around the world from a Fairtrade sugar plantation in Jamaica, across cocoa farms in Ghana, wheat fields of India and Ethiopia, to Madagascar, where hand pollinated vanilla orchids produce the world’s second most expensive spice. Showing ingredients of one of our favourite treats – we share smallholder farmers’ stories and their products. The exhibition is tribute to all the men and women involved in farming and producing our food.

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More information about Map Your Meal

Map Your Meal is a project that helps to understand the impacts of global food production on people and planet and supports people in Cumbria to join an international community of young people, youth leaders and educators committed to act for a more fair and sustainable world.

Together with partners in Cyprus, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria and associate partners from Ghana and Benin we explore issues around global production of food, its links with our own lives and lives of people who produce food both locally and in other parts of the world.

The project aim is to raise general awareness on how fair and green our food is.

Aged 16-30? Love food but want to know more about how fair and green your groceries are?! Help us to shape ‘Map Your Meal’ project…we’re active across Cumbria, with direct action, workshops, film screenings, photo exhibitions, mobile App and international events such as International Summer School 2016.

For more information on the project and resources available through CDEC visit

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