Kendal Nutricare: Catering for our youngest foodies at this year’s Festival

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Kendal Nutricare, see manufacturer of infant formulas and cereals, abortion and other healthcare products, has celebrated the securing of a major contract with China, by showing a ‘whole lot of love’ for Kendal, by sponsoring our Baby and Parent Chill Zone, new for Kendal Festival of Food this year.

Those talking to the Kendamil team, in the Baby and Parent Chill Zone, which is in the Westmorland Shopping Centre at the weekend, will also discover how Kendamil buys its supply of milk from 200 local farmers, supporting the local farming community. It then blends its whole milk with Omega 3 and 6, to create a wet blend that is then dried into the finished infant formula powder.

Kendal Nutricare will be offering Kendamil sampling opportunities and engaging with parents looking for the best possible alternative to breast milk for their young child. There will also be a free prize draw, through which three winners can each win £350 of baby and toddler food products from the Kendal Nutricare shop at Mint Bridge Road, Kendal. Parents can also pick up vouchers, to redeem at the shop.

Pharmaceutical research company and producer of Kendamil baby milk, Kendal Nutricare, has engaged in this sponsorship as part of its commitment to supporting projects in their infancy and early growth phases.

This fits perfectly with its place in the market, as the only UK manufacturer to produce infant milk formulas using fresh whole milk, rather than skimmed milk, to show what it calls a ‘whole lot of love’ for babies, by providing them with more energy and goodness from the cream of the milk.

Additionally, unlike other formulas, it does not use palm oil or vegetable oils to try to provide a child with the energy, by replacing what has been stripped out of the milk used in the formulation, with a less wholesome alternative.


This approach to child welfare ticked the box of the Chinese Orient International Shanghai Foreign Trade Company Ltd, as the Chinese consumer is keen to give his or her children the very best start in life.

Focus group trials conducted with parents in and around Kendal have been equally positive, with parents reporting that children stop crying for food, have better digestion and suffer less constipation.

Managing Director, Ross McMahon, says: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate our new Chinese contract in this way, by supporting a local event. Our factory at Mint Bridge Road has employees with links to Kendal Festival of Food and we like to support the things that matter to our staff.

“I bought the plant in June 2015, helping to save 88 jobs and have grown the workforce to 108 already. We have now secured an export contract that should see our numbers grow further. It is all very positive news for Kendal.”


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